No Regrets by Gail St. Elmo Gopaul

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Gail St. Elmo Gopaul is many things. She is a daughter of the late St Elmo Gopaul, a pioneer in education and the founder of the Trinidad and Tobago Teachers' Union. She is the mother of two smart, successful children.  She was a business owner, dedicated to educating children. She was also a woman who was beaten, berated, and battered almost every single day of her marriage. No Regrets is the story of one woman’s journey through domestic violence, addiction, and corruption, and her eventual emergence into liberation, healing, and justice.  Gail has come forward to tell her story in the hopes that it will inspire other women to do the same, and to help give courage and wisdom to other women who are going through the same kinds of struggles and terrors that she lived with for most of her adult life. The proceeds from all sales of No Regrets will go towards helping women and children get free from domestic abuse and start over again.  Your purchase of a copy can help save a woman’s life.

Parents are a Treasure to Some and a Treasury to Others

frontcoverParents are a Treasure to Some and a Treasury to Others

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Gail Saint Elmo Gopaul believed in family.  She thought that her sister, Sharon-Ann Gopaul did too.  In this memoir, Gail explores how their mother’s vulnerability led to abuse.  In straightforward, unaffected prose, she unfolds the clash of personalities and wills as she and her sister struggled to take care of their mother.  Gail pulls no punches in this simple, easy read, painting the picture of a frightening woman, willing to do anything to get her hands on her mother’s money.


Now Available in Paperback, Hardback, eBook, and Audiobook!

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