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We are pleased to announce our new section of the website called Gail’s Corner. It is a place where you can read about the accomplishments of our children and also submit your child’s accomplishments as well. Gail’s Corner

Gail’s Holiday Message

The Founder of No More DV Discusses Ways to Get Help for Elder Abuse.

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On Monday Nov. 6th I will be on Facebook Live to discuss what happened to my family when I returned to Trinidad in 2011 to see my mother for what would be the last time before she passed. To watch my live video you can visit my Facebook page No More DV on Facebook See you on Monday Nov. 6th at 2pm PST(6pm EST)

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As you know, I returned to Trinidad earlier this month to speak about my sister. However, that was was one reason why I was back home. I coordinated a special day for the children of Saint Mary’s Childrens Home at Chuck E. Cheese’s. I wanted to give back to the orphanage where my mother had spent some time early in her life. I cannot thank the staff of both Saint Mary’s and Chuck E. Cheese’s enough for assisting me to ensure the kids had a memorable day.


Gail’s story on Newsday.

During my trip to Trinidad I had the opportunity to speak about my new book about my personal experience with elder abuse. No names were given but the parties responsible for the events know who they are.

Time to end domestic violence

Excerpt from Parents are a Treasure to some and a Treasury to others, Acknowledgements

First off, I have to offer up my gratitude to God.  No matter how horrific the end of my mother’s life was, I find solace knowing that He is sheltering her in His perfect arms.

I would like to thank all the longsuffering people who helped to make this book. Without your hard work, patience, and dedication, I would never have gotten to speak up for my mother and what was done to her. I don’t want to name names, because I know that my sister would not hesitate to try to harm you in retaliation, but you all know who you are.

I need to thank my late father, St. Elmo Gopaul. Though he has been gone these past twenty years, not a day has gone by when I have not grieved for him and drawn upon the wisdom and strength he imparted to me. I believe our family watches out over us from heaven, and I know that he loves all his children, and he is so proud of his grandchildren.

About the Author

Gail St. Elmo Gopaul was born on the island of Trinidad. She is the eldest child of Monica and St. Elmo Gopaul. and the mother of two amazing children. In 2014, she founded the NGO No More Domestic Violence, and is the author of No Regrets:  My Story as a Victim of Domestic Violence for 27 years. Gail lives in San Diego, California, but spends every moment she can back in Trinidad.


Excerpt from Parents are a Treasure to some and a Treasury to others, A Dedication

I dedicate this book to my mother, Monica Irene Gopaul.  I wish that all who read this book could know the wonderful, loving, strong woman who had been my mother, and I hope that all who read this book come to appreciate and cherish their own parents.

Excerpt from Parents are a Treasure to some and a Treasury to others, A Prayer for Mom

I believe that our prayers for others can reach them, even in heaven. I believe that music, poetry, and art, is a universal language that reaches out and connects people on a level so deep and profound, that it can reach across the Great Beyond. Sharon-Ann took away my chance to say goodbye to my mother at her funeral. But every time I hear the song Everybody Hurts by R.E.M., I find a little bit of that sacred space that lets me mourn and honour her.

It gives me a chance to say, Mom, I share your pain and your sorrow. I miss you, and I am so sorry about what happened to you. But I hope you knew then and know now, that you are not alone.
None of us are ever alone.